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Wash & Hang Dry

Our smallest bag for your most delicates

Wash & Hang Dry Bag

Place your most delicate items in this light blue bag. All items placed in this bag will be washed and hung up to dry.

Items to Hang Dry:

Undergarments, workout gear, & swimsuits

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all items be washed in cold water?

Yes, all items placed in this bag will be washed on cold.

What if I only have a few delicate items?

We include a small pocket on the front of both of our wash & dry bags specifically for hang dry items.

What is the cost to hang dry my items?

This bag holds approximately 1 load and costs $15. Every fluff and fold bag contains a zippered compartment that holds a few hang dry items at no extra cost.

Wash, Dry, & Fold

Available in two sizes, perfect for your household laundry

Wash, Dry, & Fold Flat Rate Laundry Bag

All items to wash, dry, and fold go in the main compartment. With either a $25 small or $35 large bag, you’ll never do laundry again! We’ve even included a small hang dry pocket on the front, so you can get everything done at once. Any items placed in this pocket will be washed and hung to dry.

Items May Include:

Everyday items such as shirts, pants, shorts, socks, underwear, sheets, towels, and more.

Interested in washing your bedding?

Check out our bedding bag below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who cleans the clothes?

We partner with local top rated laundry facilities.

Do I need to sort my laundry?

Only if you prefer.  Our Laundry Care Specialists sort and launder all items as recommended for their fabric/material.

How many loads can fit in a bag?

Our $25 bag can fit approximately 2-3 standard loads (A standard household load of laundry is 7-10lbs), and our $35 bag fits approximately 4-5 standard loads!


Our bedding bag for your bedding needs

Bedding Bag

When was the last time you refreshed your big bedding items? This bag can fit it all! Place these large items in our biggest bag where they will be individually cleaned and brought back ready to sleep on!

Items to Include:

Comforter, blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I put sheets and towels in this bag?

No need to! Sheets and towels can go in our wash & dry bag.

Can I include a mattress cover?

Yes! This bag is for all bedding, including mattress covers.

What if my bedding is extra soiled?

No problem! Contact us for a bio-hazard bag for your extra soiled bedding.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Bag

Never seem to find the time to get to the dry cleaners? We’ll deliver it for you! Our trusted cleaners will have your dry clean only clothes pristine and ready to wear, and we’ll deliver them back to you the next business day! Saturday and Sunday pick ups will be delivered on Monday.

Items May Include:

Dress shirt & pants, dresses, outerwear and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do we take?

All items that need dry cleaning.

What if there is a stain that can't be removed?

Our cleaners do their best to remove stains, including spot-checking and pre-treating stains. However, sometimes a stain is permanent. If you are ever unsatisfied with the way your garment has been cleaned, please let us know! We will re-clean the item or give you a refund for the item. Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority!

How long does dry cleaning take?

Dry Cleaning is usually returned in 3 business days.  Occasionally an item/order may take longer to process. Refresh will let you know upon intake when you can expect your order returned.

Ready to have your laundry taken off your hands?

It’s time to REFRESH the way you think about laundry

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I tried refresh because I HATE doing laundry. The washing the drying the fold and putting it away? No thank you. I would wash it dry it then just pile it up because I was too lazy to do anything else with it. I sent my clothes out got them back THE NEXT DAY. all clean smelling folded and separated! The kids pjs were even separated from their day clothes! Nothing but greatness from refresh & I will definitely be recommending to anyone that hates laundry like me !

Gloria Izabella Solis

San Diego, CA