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Once a week my wife and I have only one day off together. We call this “Family Day.” We love nothing more than spending this day enjoying our city and spending quality time together as a family. The only problem, at least every other “family day,” we would spend the majority of our day doing our laundry and losing that time together. We realized that embracing our dream of a business we can run as a family could ultimately save every family some of their most precious commodity, time. Let us attend to the never-ending chore that is laundry. Our service begins by designating the specific instructions you’d like us to follow online. Then a convenient pickup service where all you need to do is bag your laundry and leave it by the door at the pickup time you’ve chosen, your laundry will be returned to your doorstep, fluffed and folded the next day. So, leave the labor to us! Take back your life. It’s time to Refresh the way you think about laundry!

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My wife and I typically do our own laundry at our house. However, we have had major construction going on for the past two weeks and we have temporarily lost access to our washer/dryer. Our laundry was starting to pile up. Begrudgingly we decided we might have to haul everything to a laundromat and burn a few hours getting it all done. Refresh to the rescue! I am so happy with the service that Refresh provides. It was easy, punctual, and efficient. It also saved me a lot of precious time, instead of wasting hours at a laundromat I was able go out to dinner with my wife!

Corey O'Brien

San Diego, CA